Product Advantages

Advantages of our products

  • Natural goodness and freshness is retained in our product. So, you don't have to worry about quality
  • Unlike street vendors who don't clean the greens properly and you are not sure about its natural goodness, we give you farm fresh greens that is hygienically processed and packed.
  • Our products are FSSAI certified, meaning you get the top quality
  • Our products are certified by Tamilnadu State Agricultural Department for proper farming processes to ensure the product you receive is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Usually cleaning and chopping of unnecessary portions takes lot of time. We can help you save time as our product comes to you perfectly cleaned and chopped and it is ready to cook.
  • All varieties of greens are available at all times. No need to buy only that is available.
  • You can regularly buy same variety for specific health benefits. You can always get the same variety every day continuously for months.
  • Our product can be refrigerated and used for upto 3 days without any worry about losing essential nutrients and vitamins