About Us

Why Only Greens?

  • Greens are gifts of nature as it is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Having greens everyday is a natural way to stay in great health.
  • Greens are ideal for weight management as they are low in calories and reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases
  • Greens are low in fat and high in dietary fiber
  • Greens are rich in folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C, potassium and magnesium
  • Greens are good for controlling type 2 diabetes
  • Greens have high levels of Vitamin K which goes a long way in building bone health

About Krish Foods

Krish Foods is an innovative enterprise that is aimed at providing healthy and organically cultivated greens in an easy to cook format. Krish Foods provides all commonly known greens in a chopped format in a hygienic pack so that customers can simply open the pack and cook it with required ingredients. Krish Foods is formed with an objective to provide consumers with healthy alternatives as the pesticides found in vegetables and fruits can have devastating effects on the health, even if the exposure is less. We provide Greens raised in organic farms without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides so that it is healthy and retains natural goodness. Greens we procure from our farms are chopped using advanced machinery and hygienic processing methods that ensure the natural goodness and nutrients are retained. We pack chopped greens hygienically so that it remains fresh when it reaches our customers.

Our greens can also be stored in refrigerators for up to 3 days without having to worry about losing its freshness, nutritional values and taste. We are keen to provide healthy greens in an easy-to-cook format so that consumers can add a dose of natural goodness to their meals on a day-to-day basis. We understood that cleaning and chopping the greens is a tedious process that families now avoid eating greens every day due to lack of time as cooking them is a time consuming and painstaking process. So, we give them in a hygienic and easy to cook form so that they can have variety of greens on a daily basis. We are currently providing 21 varieties of greens that are popularly known for its health benefits and medicinal values. We will soon be adding more varieties of greens.

Our Mission

To combine the best of farming practices and technology to give healthy food items to masses in a format that is easy to quick.

To adopt hygienic processes and packing so that greens retain their freshness and natural goodness.

To make consistent research and make available more varieties of healthy greens.


To achieve our vision and business objectives through fairness and honesty To consistently add value to our customers, dealers, investors and other stakeholders by minimizing our production cost and maximizing profits, without compromising on quality and deliverables To set standard and lead the industry by being an a highly quality conscious company To remain highly ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions To consistently refine our HR policies to ensure we attract the best talent in the industry

Our Vision

To create a healthy society by providing organically produced and healthy varieties of greens in a easy-to-cook format

Our Production Facility

We have state-of-the-art production facility to process raw greens sourced from certified farms. Our fully automated machine contains water jets which will clean the greens thoroughly and Greens are manually segregated and fed into the fine chopping machine which will chop greens to the exact size with very minimal wastage. The chopped greens are packed automatically to ensure the freshness is retained. Except manual segregation, human intervention is not there during the entire process from cleaning, chopping and packing to ensure hygiene and natural goodness is retained.

Our Certifications

  • FSSAI Certification
  • TN Agricultural Department Certificate
  • ISO 12000 Certificate