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Welcome to Krish Foods

Krish Foods is an innovative enterprise that is aimed at providing healthy and organically cultivated greens in an easy to cook format. Krish Foods provides all commonly known greens in a chopped format in a hygienic pack so that customers can simply open the pack and cook it with required ingredients.

Krish Foods is formed with an objective to provide consumers with healthy alternatives as the pesticides found in vegetables and fruits can have devastating effects on the health, even if the exposure is less. We provide Greens raised in organic farms without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides so that it is healthy and retains natural goodness.


To create a healthy society by providing organically produced and healthy varieties of greens in a easy-to-cook format


To combine the best of farming practices and technology to give healthy food items to masses in a format that is easy to quick.


To achieve our vision and business objectives through fairness and honesty To consistently add value to our customers, dealers, investors, etc.,

Production Facility

We have state-of-the-art production facility to process raw greens sourced from certified farms.

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